NecroNigma was originally named Christ Machine Inc. by founder Twiggy Christ. The project started in the great year 2000.

It all started in 1998 when it was found by shock rocker Twiggy Christ n his aprentice John E, they named themselves as The Skelochildren a.k.a F.O.N.
With members John E - Guittars, Juarez - Drums, Melody - Keyboards, Card - Bass, Kid - Voice.
After 5th grade Twiggy a.k.a Kid, Kid fired his bi-aprentice (Melody) after misunderstandings n brought in Melody's twin sister who became known as Wednesday Chamber.
Kid also fired Card Ramirez after he set on fire his bass for no reason n brought in another girl name Epiphania who became known as Epi.
Kid changed his name to Blah Chamber " Blah " a word constatly used by a vampire in a show called Greg The Bunny n " Chamber " for dating Wednesday n a band named Coal Chamber.
2003 came n everything changed. Wednesday Chamber n John E left the band, Epi was fired for snitching on the bands personal things.
A break thru of the band, Twiggy felt depress for many reasons that are personal. Twiggy began doing drugs n cutting himself with one of his best friends named Juarez who was also a part of the band.
For that reason only, Twiggy n Juarez think they ivented "Emo".
Drum possitions were constintly changing faces. Pete Head, Juannito n others were put on the stage but did not fit in. When Twiggy decided to just end the whole project of his band a new friend came towards him. His name was (Spi-Rape) Spirit Fingers aka (Kent Prentice) Twiggy n Kent changed the bands name to The Mope Kids bringing his era of Black Metal with it. "I've felt awsome releasing so much hatred into the world, thanks to Kent, I made myself better" said Twiggy about Kent Prentice.
After Jr High school, Twiggy met with a new face name Guy Reznor Nastazi. Twiggy felt that Guy was a staple person n quickly added him to his band. With the new face he changed the bands name to 
The Killing Kids. After the band had stop working they still called themselves a band but soon forgotten.
Twiggy changed the bands name to The Forgotten Children.
Thanks to Guy Reznor Nastazi with the brand idea. When Butt Cheeks Skid joined the band it was a war of keeping The Forgotten Children as the bands name or changing it into the Twisted Children wich Twiggy wanted to keep. The band was in struggles for new names. Twisted Children was kept thanks to the addition of Silent Bob Imbo who Twiggy concidered him a very good friend n down for the band. After Silent Bob Imbo left, Twiggy recruted a new face named Saint 719. As the band was re-named again to Teenage Zombies as Saint felt right with it.
Finally Twiggy changed it to FASCIST FLIRT as todays corupt goverment n the departure of Saint 719 came, wich Twiggy say's it was hard letting him go. Twiggy had quit the whole project again as he did once. When Twiggy met his ex-girlfriend "Harley Quinn" better known as "Smoochie" he re-
made the band n added his new good friend Adriana Bundy. Twiggy and Adriana quickly changed Adriana's name to Odiene then to Obsolete Rex and finally Twiggy gave him the title and blessed him with Finch Reznor. Twiggy and Finch seemed unstopoble, forgetting the idea of a major band, quickly came the solo projects. Finch in Jezzilla now know simply as Finch Reznor, and Twiggy from Christ Machine Inc. to NecroNigma. Finch and Twiggy are no longer friends.

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